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X-Line Research

Clinical References

An assessment of image distortion and CT number accuracy within a wide-bore CT extended field of view


Beeksma B, Truant D, Holloway L, Arumugam S

Published in Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine, June 2015


“For all phantom geometries, objects within the eFOV were geometrically overestimated... from 0.22 to 15.94 %...”

“… significant image artefacts from the eFOV reconstruction alter the… geometric contours of shapes within this region.”


Figure 1 Rectangular, circular, and bodyshaped phantoms offset 0, 1, 3, and 5 cm into the eFOV


Dosimetric impact of image artifact from a wide-bore CT scanner in radiotherapy treatment planning


Wu V, Podgorsak M, Tran T, Malhotra H, Wang I

Published in Radiology, July 2009

Published in Medical Physics, June 2011

“… artifacts from eFOV reconstruction are inevitable, with image distortions spreading out laterally...”

“The SSD distortion alone can cause a target dose calculation reduction of 2%–3%”


Figure 2 Image of the mini CT phantom located in the vicinity of the outer region of 65 cm eFOVwhere the “A” side was completely within the sFOV and the “B” side was within the eFOV.



Increased Radiation Dose to Overweight and Obese Patients from Radiographic Examinations

Yanch JC, Behrman RH, Hendricks MJ, McCall JH

Published in Radiology, July 2009


“...radiographic examinations in the extremely obese... should be minimized to the extent possible.” “[There are] exponential dose increases for increased subcutaneous fat thicknesses.” “...for extremely obese subjects, these dose increases can reach factors of 70–80.”

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