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Pain Management and Spinal Surgery


Apply to skin


Grid visible on X-ray


Correlate and mark through open windows


Remove from skin or perform through windows

Disposable, adhesive radiopaque grid with open windows

Target Tape’s X-Grid is a disposable, radiopaque adhesive grid that can be utilized with fluoroscopy or with large plain films that allow for a superior visualization. The X-Grid radiopaque adhesive conforms to the patient, with open windows to allow for the marking of the skin sites. The devices can come sterile packaged for intraoperative use.


Reduce Radiation

Greater accuracy while reducing fluoroscopic radiation by 22% (6 pedicle screw fusion) and avoid up to 30 minutes of unnecessary exposure per year.*

Indications and Clinical Experience

X-Grid is indicated for use with X-ray based imaging, to allow for the correlation between the scan and the patient’s skin using a grid. For lower lumbar surgeries, such as decompressions, the grid can wrap around the side of the patient for both an AP and lateral correlation. The following are examples of spinal clinical use:

  • Lumbar and thoracic fusions (MIS) 
         Can be used to aid guidance systems
  • Fractures and tumor removals
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Anesthesia injection
  • Discography


Depending on the method of use, X-Grid may provide the following significant benefits:

  • Accurate, 50% smaller incisions3
  • Faster procedures1
  • Less dependency on palpation and landmarks
  • Could use a large plain X-ray for a superior visualization


Supported by research

Beyond the completed paper by Dr. Kim, Dr. Jin Tee is also currently performing a spinal study on X-Grid at the Vancouver General Hospital, BC.



“X-Grid allows me to map out my sites in both thoracic and lumbar surgeries. It can reduce my dependency on repeated needle punctures, which can decrease radiation, making localization simpler and accurate.”

Dr. Jin Tee, MD
Orthopaedic Spine

Vancouver General Hospital
British Columbia, Canada



Dr. Kee Kim

“I use X-Grid to reduce radiation exposure and improve the efficiency of my procedures. With fluoroscopy, the grid allows me to instantly find my sites with a single image. In pain management procedures, the localization steps take up a significant amount of the time and X-ray use. For the lower-lumbar region, I can wrap the device around the side as well, so I can have both a lateral and AP view."

Dr. Kee Kim, MD Chief of Spinal Neurosurgery at UC Davis

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* Traditional 6 pedicle screw fusion requires 12 images to localize entry sites1, with an average of 51 total images at 1.1 sec/image 2.
Eliminating 11 localizing images may reduce total exposure by 22%. 30 minutes = 11 images x 1.1 sec/image x 150 procedures/yr.

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